Prime Cell Phone salesman, Anime visionary, Internet publishing maven and Monorail Pilot

Chad Bowers

Chad Bowers has taken the road less traveled on his lifelong journey to find interesting things to do and survive on.  He has sold cell phones and ended up creating a website, he’s directed anime films and found love, he’s worked in terrestrial radio and found the internet.  All these things have added up to a wild and interesting career of internet oddities.

Chad was working in terrestrial radio when he fell into the task of making a website for the station during the Geocities era of internet content.  This foray into creating something new and different made an impact on him.

Selling cell phones though was probably the most creative job he could have had at the time, even though saying it doesn’t seem right. It was through cell phone sales that he came up with his personal brand of internet strangeness, TITFOS, or The Incredible True Facts of Space.  This houses his worse fears and craziest desires and has outlasted many others to be a definite stop for the world-weary and tormented internet traveler.




Chad Bowers

Monorail pilot, Writer of the strange and unusual, epic road tripper, and southern gentleman.


  • Director
  • Narrator
  • Diet Coke Enthusiast