Host, Guitarist, Bon Vivant and all around good guy

PQ Ribber

PQ Ribber has a long history of creative merry-making, from audio to art, books to bands, PQ has given a creative spin to whatever interests him.

Having roots on “real” (terrestrial) radio, PQ takes that knowledge and puts it to good use on The Overnightscape Central each week, as he shepherds the listener through various other voices as they expound on the topic du jour.

He even protects the earth from outer space wackiness on the Quake Reversal Satellite. While strumming a tune with one of his various bands.


The Overnightscape Underground

Overnightscape Central

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PQ Ribber

Host, guitarist, bon vivant and all around good guy


  • Artistic Dynamo
  • Podcast Aficionado
  • Sometime Busker